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I used to suffer from terrible leg cramps and back pain when in bed and found it difficult to get a good night's sleep.

About six months ago I started using Dentons neck support pillow and the incidences of cramp reduced immediately. I am enjoying a restful deep sleep, waking refreshed and my wife tells me that I no longer snore.

My wife has a Dentons 'Caress' pillow and also enjoys a good sleep. We believe the massaging effect of the pillow is the reason.

We are so impressed with your products that we have bought more for family and friends as Christmas presents, so they can enjoy the delights of really restful sleep.

Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Yours Faithfully

Geoffrey R May Brighton


I am writing this letter to congratulate Dentons for their wonderful pillows. Many years I have been searching for a pillow, soft but supportive, the right height & not falling away at the back. I want to thank you for all my comfortable nights and no more stiff necks in the mornings.

Yours Sincerely

Lynn Neary


22 years ago l purchased my first Dentons chiro pillow ...l am still using it every single night since ...It is the most wonderful comfortable pillow ever ....There is no deterioration, no collapse, and l wash its cover regularly.

Melinda Pritchard


I’m a 34-year-old with chronic neck conditions (yet to be properly diagnosed) that causes me to lose proper use of my arms, among other things. This pillow was recommended by one of your very lovely representatives at David Jones in Garden City, Brisbane. I’ve used it for just two nights and I never want to get out of bed! While I wait for a proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment, I know my new pillow will give me some relief from the constant pain I live with. I am now a Dentons covert and will never buy another brand again. Thank you!


Pania Dewes